Need Help Private Student Loan?

"It will be a private student loan for $ 20kA year to be difficult to achieve when my mother to sign as a co-signer on my credit score was nearly perfect."

If your mother is a great credit and high income with a long history of stable employment, you should be fine to get approved for a private student loan ... hours. (Read more below)

"And I wait for my aid package fins before applying for a loan? Where I can go ahead and apply now?"

You must apply now. Unless you want to wait to be lower, relative to a fixed rate loan over for mom, instead of co-signing a private organization. Your aid package will include the NYU Stafford loan for you and a parent more ready for Mom. Stafford loans are limited, but the mother can borrow much higher limits and would have pro cover most of your costs. The bad thing is that it must start repaying once you start school in January

You can not even need to take a private if the mother is ready. If you go to a private loan, will be responsible for private student loans anyway.

In addition, both need a serious talk about his willingness to pay for you to participate (and pay, or CoSign), you can attend this school all four years, why do not you want to discover after a year of part of the income is not high as previously thought, and / or later you will get denied a private loan of one or three years. (This happens more than you think). There is no guarantee that it is a great merit, or a source of sure gain acceptance in the whole university career (the score is not so high next year, because private student loans). And three years to apply for private student loan to its credit score is even lower, because of student loans is excellent. You see? Its debt to income ratio should be higher to take further loans, which means more opportunities he / you must have blocked. And without his cosigning, you do not have the option of private student loans and a drop off.

Most of the time before reaching that point, the father is another excuse for not paying their school children ... do not like your friend, I really like, not like the new hair color.