Real Estate Investing: How to Use Voice Mail Systems to Improve Your Marketing Response Rate

Choose a Voice Mail System

Before setting up voice mail systems you have to choose one that will suit the needs of your business.  I use a company called Freedom Voice Systems. I think there are probably 8 or 10 different programs out there that are somewhat similar. A typical voice mail system will have a couple different price points depending on your needs.

A basic system may only have 10-20 different voice mail boxes. A more advanced system, the one that we use, has I think has 1,000 boxes or maybe 900. I think it starts at 100 and goes to 999, so I guess that’s 900 total boxes that we have available within the voice mail system.

A typical price for a voice mail system of any real quality is going to be somewhere around $20-40/month, a very minimal investment in terms of the amount of money that you put into that.

Using Voice Mail to Improve Response Rate

What a voice mail system allows you to do, once you’ve got it in place – let’s say you want to start marketing to sellers. You want to go out and you want to create some marketing pieces. You’re going to have let’s say a newspaper ad, you’re going to have a postcard, maybe you’re going to have your business card, and you’re going to have one or two other pieces of marketing, whatever they might be.

With each one of those various pieces of marketing, you’re going to put a different box number. You’re going to put Box 100, Box 101, Box 102, Box 103. The reason for that is that every time somebody calls you off of one of your pieces of marketing, the system will record where that came from.

Let’s say at the end of your first month you’ve got 10 calls on Box 103. Let’s say Box 103 was postcards, so you know that if you sent out let’s say 1,000 postcards and you got 10 calls back, that’s a 1% response. That’s not a bad response. Now maybe there’s some things you can do to make it better, but you know at least on your first mailing you got a 1% response. That’s not bad. It allows you to know precisely what your results were. You can know it mathematically.

So now what you can do the next month is maybe you send out another 1,000 postcards. Maybe you change the headline, maybe you make the offer a little bit nicer, maybe you change some of the information. You change the postcard, you do it again, and this time you get 15 calls the next month. Obviously what you did that second month is better than what you did the first month. Now you’ve improved your system and it’s gotten even better.

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