Discover How to Find High Net Worth Investors For Your Private Lending Program

The key for real estate investors to finding high net worth (HNW) private lenders is first the marketing image and then a consistency of purpose.

Marketing Image

It's essential to know that most affluent potential investors are NOT attracted to the typical private lending marketing. I receive loan requests all the time from friends, investors and others and most are very ordinary and uninteresting. Very few seem interested in getting to know me or my investment needs.

Affluent investors are not going to respond to the same marketing you use for middle-class mom & pop investors. It takes a unique marketing edge to attract HNW investors.

We all have association links in our brain. Those associations will cue us to make snap judgments based on past experiences.

Take the affluent investor...

Most of their advisers use the personal approach in selling services to them. Have you ever seen the business card of an investment banker or wealth adviser? Was it riddled with "Earn 12% Interest.." and their entire pitch front & back?

Was it printed on bright green card stock?

So do you think the wealthy investor will give much credibility to your fluorescent business card that's printed with 400 words?

Be sure to have quality marketing materials that show you in a professional light.

Consistency of Purpose

It is very important that when marketing to HNW people that you have a consistency of purpose and stay with your marketing. If you plan to send one or two marketing pieces to a HNW with no further follow up you might as well not do any and save some money. You need to have 7 to 15 steps in your marketing plan to HNW.

They will almost never respond to the first couple marketing pieces. These type people are busy and need to see your message on a repeated basis. You should plan repeated marketing step over at least one year period with many different types of marketing including post cards and letters.

But is very important that at some point your marketing tries to get a one on one personal meeting with the HNW person and that is where the real deal will be made.

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