Private Money Lenders - Where to Find Them and Grow Your Real Estate Investing Business

To locate private money lenders people have employed many different successful techniques.

For instance I heard of a real estate investor that found their investor standing in line at a grocery store. It was a long line and he started up a conversation with an older gentleman standing behind him. The topic came around to real estate after the gentleman asked what the investor did for a living. As soon as the investor said he was a real estate investor the gentleman perked up and said how ironic because he was looking for an investment since the stock market had tanked. It is as easy as that. Now that investor is a millionaire and retired at 35 all because he had the guts to talk with someone while standing in line at the grocery store.

Answer ads placed from for sale by owner properties is another excellent way to find private investors. Having an excellent real estate agent on your side will help you greatly research these properties before you waste your time and the sellers asking for a loan they cannot provide. Most multiple listing services provide agents with a way to see if the owner owes anything on the property and how much and to what bank. Weeding out the properties that do not qualify in the comfort of an office is much better than after you have spent the time and energy to plan an offer and get the earnest money agreement to the seller only to have it rejected because they owe too much on the property.

You can still go to another private money lender, instead of working with the home owner but it makes your life a lot easier and makes your business run a lot smoother if you can know before putting in an offer on a property the exact situation the seller is in. This gives you so much more purchasing power because now you can plan your offer to satisfy what the seller needs and also what the property can provide. This also makes your offers a lot more successful so you are not wasting tome on investments that will never make you any money.

The biggest and best techniques when working with private money lenders is to treat them with the respect you would a boss or a prestigious client and keep them informed of your decisions and you will have an excellent contact for years to come.

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