Let's Help More Students!

For the past nine years, I've worked with some great students. I have to say, that Robin Evans has been one of my favorites. Robin was referred to us by her voice teacher who is a friend of mine. Every year we choose a couple of deserving students to work with, who could not otherwise afford our services. Upon first meeting her and her dad, I immediately recognized that Robin was going to be one of these Pro Bono students. It has been one of the best decisions I've ever made in this business.

If you know of a student that we can help, please recommend them to us. We want to coach at least 10 students this year at no cost to them.

Also, look soon for a new campaign I will be launching. It will be a very powerful program to get money saving information into the hands of students all across this country. Not just money saving information, but I believe this will be a campaign that will launch students into their destiny. More information is coming by next week. This is going to be exciting!