Incredible Debt Reduction Tool & New Workshop

Don't miss our upcoming Maximizing Money for College Workshop September 30th and October 2nd in the Quad Cities.
The third tenet of saving money on college is wise cash flow management. I have been teaching people about this since I founded CFS in 2001, but I've never been quite satisfied with the results of my analysis. I was always pleased to find those clients for which we could demonstrate a significant cost savings, but I was disappointed when I couldn't help those who were truly in a tight financial situation. I always wanted to be able to do more. Now we can!

CFS has partnered with United First Financial. In August, I was introduced to UFirst by Dr. Jospeh Umidi, my former advisor at Regent University where I completed my MBA and MAT. I immediately recognized the immense power of the UFirst strategies. They were based on the same basic principals I had been recommending to my clients for years, but UFirst has taken the strategies light years beyond what I could have hoped for my clients.

If you have debt, any debt (mortgage loans, home equity loans, car loans, credit cards, student loans, etc.); or if you anticipate using any kind of debt for your student's education, then you need to complete our free analysis. Our first client we ran the numbers for is now in a position where they can pay off the 25 years left on their mortgage, their car loans, and their credit cards in less than five years with no refinancing, no debt consolidation, and no change to their living style and expenses! Now that's powerful!

Go to our UFirst Website and request a free analysis. Or you can contact us directly at our office.