Fix and Flip Program for Colorado and Arizona Real Estate Investors

For investors interested in taking advantage of resuced property values by participating in renovating and re-listing properties should take a look at the great investor program we are offering our clients.

This product is specifically designed to accommodate investors who want to purchase and remodel fix-up properties in order to sell them for a gain or to refinance them under conventional terms once the property has been remodeled. The program not only works for 1 to 4 residential units, but also for commercial properties which have 5 or more units. The program is offered in metropolitan Denver, Colorado and surrounding cities, also in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding cities. The loan term is for 180 to 360 days, depending on property type. There are NO prepayment penalties and interest only payments are due monthly.


Our investor lends up to 90% of the purchase price and additionally lends 90% of the improvements that the borrower estimates they will make to the property. The borrowers are allowed to do work to the property themselves as it is not required that contractors complete the work.

We can use equity in other properties (known as cross-collateralization) for the down payment on the fix-and-flip property so that the borrower does not have to put cash into the transaction, provided that our loan-to-value and other guidelines are met.

We allow the properties to be titled in the name of corporations, partnerships or limited liability companies. This is very popular with fix-and-flip investors.
Borrowers who are self-employed find the loan quick and easy to qualify for because we have flexible income underwriting.

We do not have a specific limit on the number of investment properties that the borrower has financing on.

We close these loans very quickly. We typically provide approvals within 24 hours and many closings occur within 1 (one) week of approval. Our quick closings often help the buyer get a contract over other prospective buyers.

We do not have any prepayment penalties. Naturally, this is of great importance to fix-and-flip investors.

We allow partial releases of multiple unit properties.