We Blew Our Record Right Out Of The Water

In April of this year, I had a mother come to me who was way behind the eight-ball. She was going through a divorce and had not filed any of the financial paperwork for her son. No FAFSA. No Profile. No nothing. Worse yet, her son was a worse case scenario. He wanted to go to Tufts University and Tufts alone. This really gives us no wiggle room to work with.

I made sure she understood that she was in a tough position, but we would do our best to see what we could make of it. She was elated just to find someone who would take the paperwork headache of her shoulders. So we went about getting the FAFSA, the Profile, and the other ancillary forms filed. And Tufts came back expecting her and her son to come up with... over $50,000 each year. Ouch.

I told her we still had the negotiations phase to go through. Now anyone in my position will tell you that negotiating this late in the year is difficult at best. It is normal to get minimal results. Well let me tell you what happened yesterday.

Joan (we'll call her Joan) received the new financial aid award on June 30th. She was in my office on July 1st. As we sat down and looked over the new award summary, it hit me. We had just blown away our previous average improvement for negotiations. For years, I've been proud of our $2,000 average annual improvement during the negotiations phase. Just that phase alone is more than double of our highest service level price. That always assured me that we provide a service that has substantial value. Well, that average is no longer accurate. Sitting with Joan yesterday, we were looking over an annual improvement of... now get this... over $35,000!

$35,000!!! Holy cow!

Folks it just goes to show you; there is no situation that is hopeless. There is no one that we should not at least try to help.

$35,000! That's good.

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