Sallie Mae: Leading Student Loan Provider

If there is a company that can be considered as a leading provider of federal and fixed rate private student loan, it is Sallie Mae. It also serves as administrator of saving plans and a major link between the students and their goal of college education.

Do you know that Sallie Mae began as an entity that is sponsored by the government (GSE) in 1972? Twenty five years later, it started in the privatization of its operation and completed the process in 2004, consequently ending ties with the government.

Indeed, Sallie Mae is the top provider of private college loans in the United States. What does Sallie Mae actually provide? It offers federal loans, fixed rate private student loan packages, refinancing and loan consolidating services for all qualified college undergraduate as well as graduate students. In fact, Sallie Mae loan consolidation is one of the best programs to have when it comes to merging college loans.

Provision of federal and private student loans is not only what the company does. It also assists the student borrowers and / or parents in the process of financial aid. Sallie Mae now manages or owns loans for millions of customers and also serves as administrator of billions of dollars of college savings for a million clients.