College Reviews: Pitt & Penn

With the Democratic nomination coming down to the wire, many people are turning their attention to Pennsylvania. So let's look at two schools from the cradle of our democracy.

University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

Out of state COA: $33,286
In state COA: $23,776

Family Need Met: 78%
Avg Free Money: 45%
Avg Self-Help: 55%

Founded in 1787 as a small, private school, the Pittsburgh Academy was located in a log cabin near Pittsburgh’s three rivers. In the 220 years since, the University has evolved into an internationally recognized center of learning and research.

Factors like performing arts, museums, sports, healthcare, and safety make Pittsburgh the "second-most attractive college town" in the U.S. among cities of its size, according to a recent survey. Pitt Arts connects our students to the extensive cultural life of the region, providing free admission to many of our neighboring museums and city events.

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

COA: $49,233

Family Need Met: 100%
Avg Free Money: 72%
Avg Self-Help: 28%

For more than two centuries, the University of Pennsylvania has been committed to excellence in scholarship, research and service. From its highly regarded undergraduate, graduate and professional schools to its wide-ranging program of interdisciplinary research and scholarship, Penn takes pride in being a place where students and faculty can pursue knowledge without boundaries, a place where theory and practice combine to produce a better understanding of our world and ourselves.

At the University of Pennsylvania, you'll find a historic, Ivy League school with highly selective admissions and a history of innovation in interdisciplinary education and scholarship. You'll also find a picturesque campus amidst a dynamic city and a world-class research institution.

Penn carries on the principles and spirit of its founder, Benjamin Franklin: entrepreneurship, innovation, invention, outreach, and a pragmatic love of knowledge. Franklin's practical outlook has remained a driving force in the university's development.

Lies and Myths re Private Student Loans

Private college loans need the student-applicant to own a good credit report. Bad credit history or no history to speak of means no chance to get such loans.

This is definitely not true as there is what we call bad credit private student loans. Yes, a credit report of good standing is a major plus when getting private loans. But if you have negative credit or even none at all, you can always apply for a loan albeit you will have to share one with much higher interests. Likewise having a co-maker can always be a factor for the approval of your application. Simply put, there exist private student loans for bad credit.

It is impossible to pay back the loans especially if you are still enrolled in school.

False. You can pay your loans back, even after college. If you are in a difficult position to pay back you private loans, then you can opt to settle the interests for the meantime, and then deal with both the paying back of the principal plus interest after you are done with education.

There are set deadlines when applying for private student loans.

This statement is definitely false. With private loans, there are no deadlines for the filing of application. Private student loans are available any day of the year. Try applying one in any financial and loan center, and depending on the type of institution you go to, the money may be ready in as early as a few days.