What can you do with UGMA & UTMA accounts?

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What can you do with Custodial Accounts?

Custodial accounts (UGMA & UTMA) have been common methods for saving money for college. UGMA stands for Uniform Gift to Minors Act and was implemented in the 1950’s. UTMA stands for Uniform Transfer to Minors Act, was implemented in 1986, and supercedes the UGMA rules in all states except South Carolina and Vermont. UGMA & UTMA accounts are students’ monies and cannot be transferred to parents or other siblings. These accounts are common, but they can be sources of a lot of confusion. Worse yet, these accounts are penalized at the highest level in the financial aid process.

To maximize your opportunities for various monies from the colleges and government, it is important to get as much money as possible out of your student’s custodial accounts. So what can you do with them?

The first thing you can do with them is spend the money. UGMA & UTMA monies must be spent on behalf of the student, but cannot be spent on items considered “parental obligations”, or those items which are normal to the raising of any child. This means you cannot spend the money on a student’s clothes, food, shelter, health care, etc.

You can spend the money on those items for the child which are not considered normal, everyday expenses associated with raising any child. These items can include cars, computers, college tuition, summer camp, musical instruments, special school expenses, private school tuition, paying taxes on the UGMA or UTMA account, etc.

Parents often ask if they can be reimbursed for previous expenses out of their child’s UGMA or UTMA account. This is kind of a grey area. The expense at the time may have been for the benefit of the child. But is the reimbursement after the fact for the benefit of the child or the parent. Timeliness is probably the key in this instance. How timely is the reimbursement to the expense. If the parent wants a reimbursement for their child’s summer camp expense five years ago, that’s probably not going to be kosher. If the parent is taking a reimbursement in the fall for a car purchased over the summer, that would probably be ok.

No matter what , always make sure you have a written permanent record of the expenses paid out of the custodial account. If you don’t have a written permanent record, woe unto you if you ever have a run-in with the IRS.

The second thing you can do with the money in UGMA & UTMA accounts is shelter it. In sheltering, you keep the money in the student’s name, but you move the money to assets which are not penalized in the financial aid process. It is recommended that you shelter monies when you still need the student’s money while in college, or you want to keep the money around after the student graduates.

Sheltering can be fairly complex. Please contact us for further information.

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Options Other than Private Student Loan

The right agencies to go to for some private student loans are those private financial groups and companies with competency to provide such loans to college students. Many of these students are pursuing undergraduate degrees, while there are also a significant number of those who are already graduates and would like to further their education.

However, a good advice is that when trying to acquire financing for your education, you must exhaust all the uncomplicated means that’s available for you. By uncomplicated, this means borrowing money from your parents and relatives, or someone you know personally, if impossible (albeit this can also be considered private college loans).

If you are an exceptional student in terms of your scholastic achievements, they why not try to scout for an academic scholarship, preferably full, which means everything that you need to pay will be shouldered by the school or the group providing you with the scholarship. This is way better than private student loans, as scholarships in effect will render you debt clean. Indeed, it pays to work hard in achieving outstanding grades.

The bottom line is, while private loans for college are definitely a significant way of paying for your education, you should not jump aboard the bandwagon of students who immediately avail of private loans without even considering other “less costly” option.

Still and all, when you have tried all financial means but nothing works – surely you can count on private loans to help you out financially with regards to your education.

Graduate Private Student Loans and Aid

If you think that private student loans are available only for undergraduate students, better think again. If you are a graduate of a college degree and wish to further pursue your education by enrolling in a graduate course (Masteral), then you can still avail of a private college loans and grants.

Fret not – private loans can be had by prospective graduate students in the same manner that such loans are available to undergraduate scholars. The fact is that you can count on many graduate private student loans for those wishing to earn their graduate degree.

One fine type of graduate college loan is that Alternative student loans. What’s great about this loan is that it comes with very low fees as well as interest rates. Do you know that one great advantage of this college loan is that it does not require applicants to shell out money for application fees?

Alternative Private student loans can be sufficient enough to pay for the necessary expenses such as books, transportation and other miscellaneous fees. It is also convenient for graduate students to apply for such loans as transactions are done online.

As you can see, whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, private student loans can be had – so long as you are able to satisfy their requirements.