Who Says I Need Private Student Loans?

When will it stop? It seems that I almost get emails about some private student loan of mine already approved. Please, I did not apply for a student loan, or any particular for that matter, so why am I receiving such non-sense?

I am past and over my need for a financial aid, much less a private college loan as I am done with my college education. So, definitely I did not apply for one.

I am sure that it is my fault, and that all these emails coming my way is my doing if only because of my carefree way of giving out information, especially my email addresses.

Well, in such online companies sending various promos and ads about various products and services (those sent my way are mostly private student loan and refinancing programs) have a profile of their prospective customer, then surely enough they would bother to email many of those in their list.

While at first, it was irritating – lately I have become amused with these emails offering such private loans for college. Actually, I realized that they do not have any negative effect on me – they just clog my mail, that’s all. Let them come, worthless as they are. I couldn’t care less.