Private Student Loans: More Facts and Trivia

Here are more information and facts about private student loan programs:

As a prospective student-borrower, there is no need anymore to accomplish the FAFSA

Do you know that with your private college loan funds can be provided directly to you? No need to be coursed through your school.

Of course, you already know that private student loan funds are also called alternative or complimentary loans because they cover the rest of the expenses that were not covered by your government loans.

You definitely have a say (read: decision) when it comes to the interest rates and loan fees of your fund. Also, your loan is dependent on the status of your credit history and report, if you have a good credit report then your application for the private college loan will most definitely be approved in a breeze.

Lastly, you are given the option to defer loan payment six months after you graduate from college.

Indeed, private loans for students are a great alternative to government loans that we already acquired but were still not able to fully cover our education expenses.