New Homeowners Benefit by Empowered Living Program

We are looking for individuals that have the desire to own a home but due to a lack of down-payment, credit concerns or just plain fear, have not been able to purchase their first home. Purchasing a home is the first step to economic empowerment and we have created an initiative called "Empowered Living," which is designed to breakdown barriers to homeownership in association with our strategic partners.

Through the Lone Tree office of Cherry Creek Mortgage Company - The James Holmes Lending Team, we provide a gateway to access a wide variety of first time buyer programs, which will provide our buyers with as much as $25,000 to be used for down-payment and closing cost. The James Holmes Lending Team is a lending partner for the Douglas County Housing Partnership program among other programs. We will in effect become the coach for the first-time buyer and provide education, mentorship, access to the MLS system to access properties, provide discounts and incentives from our builders and related partners.

Many renters can buy a home with little or no major increase in their total monthly payment obligation once the tax savings from owning a home are figured into the equation. If you pay $900 per month for rent over the next two years you will have paid $21,600 toward your landlords mortgage. We would like to help you convert those funds into equity in a home of your own.

If you would like to know more or schedule a private consultation, please visit my website at and either email James Holmes directly at 303.840.2319