New Homeowners Benefit by Empowered Living Program

We are looking for individuals that have the desire to own a home but due to a lack of down-payment, credit concerns or just plain fear, have not been able to purchase their first home. Purchasing a home is the first step to economic empowerment and we have created an initiative called "Empowered Living," which is designed to breakdown barriers to homeownership in association with our strategic partners.

Through the Lone Tree office of Cherry Creek Mortgage Company - The James Holmes Lending Team, we provide a gateway to access a wide variety of first time buyer programs, which will provide our buyers with as much as $25,000 to be used for down-payment and closing cost. The James Holmes Lending Team is a lending partner for the Douglas County Housing Partnership program among other programs. We will in effect become the coach for the first-time buyer and provide education, mentorship, access to the MLS system to access properties, provide discounts and incentives from our builders and related partners.

Many renters can buy a home with little or no major increase in their total monthly payment obligation once the tax savings from owning a home are figured into the equation. If you pay $900 per month for rent over the next two years you will have paid $21,600 toward your landlords mortgage. We would like to help you convert those funds into equity in a home of your own.

If you would like to know more or schedule a private consultation, please visit my website at and either email James Holmes directly at 303.840.2319

Real Estate Today! Radio Show Commentary from 02-24-2007

The Real Estate Today Team has launched an initiative we call "Empowered Living," designed to identify, coach and create a minimum of 100 first-time home buyers in Colorado by the conclusion of 2007. In addition to assisting the buyer with the selection of the best valued home available, we will also provide access to a variety of down-payment assistance programs including grants and low interest loans with payments deferred for up to five years. I would like for anyone who is currently renting and wishes to achieve the dream of home ownership to contact me at or contact my office at 303-840-2319.

We have developed a valuable resource for fix and flip investors. Please contact us and request your free "Fix and Flip Investor Resource Guide."
We have a free resource to allow individuals to access all of the available listings in the Multi List System (MLS) using a private password protected website. To register, log on to
I admit that I am a fan of real estate reality television and I think the programs on both A&E and TLC serve to show what is possible and the potential pit falls when flipping real estate. I had the honor of welcoming David Montelongo of Montelongo House Buyers and the hit reality television show “Flip this House” as a guest on our radio broadcast the Real Estate Today Show. I think that the Montelongos represent what is possible in a very entertaining way; they have a wonderful family story. Needless to say, David’s appearance on our program was greatly anticipated.

David shared ten tips for becoming a successful real estate investor and provided me with permission to post these on my blog.

Here are David’s Tips:

1. Forge strong relationships with foreclosure agents so that when a new listing comes up you’re the first to hear about it.

2. Create a power network of fellow investors, a TRIBE, if a deal doesn't work for you, it may work for someone else in your network.

3. Try not to see other investors as competition, but as allies. This will create opportunities to be involved in more deals.

4. Set your construction budgets early, do everything in your power to stick with your budgets.

5. There are always unforeseens give your budget a line item for cost-overruns.

6. Have your Contractor visit the property with you BEFORE you close. This will remove some of the unknowns.

7. We are all motivated, both positively and negatively. If you find your positive motivation, it will be easier to find the next deal.

8. You are the greatest asset you possess. Invest in your education. Every time I attend a RE workshop I come away with a new technique.

9. Join your local Real Estate Investor Association; this is a great resource for rehab lenders.

10. Don’t be afraid to partner on a deal, partners can leverage each others strengths to create a win-win situation.

During my research for the show, I discovered that both David and his wife Melina share a heart to give back to the greater real estate community and they wish to share their success with others. I believe the cycle of living, learning, succeeding and giving back is the essence of significance. The response to our shoe was wonderful resulting in great questions on air from our listeners and calls from Realtor partners and several investor clients of mine who regularly listen to the program. The subject of fix and flips is a popular one on our show and the opportunity to learn from an expert was tremendous.

Private College Loan and Federal Aid: What's the Difference

A private college loan, also called a private student loan or an alternative education loan, differs in numerous ways from government or federal student loan program.

First of all, in private college loan, repayment of loan can wait until even after you have graduated from college.

A private student loan can be approved preliminarily within a few minutes and will only need as little as five working days for the money to be available; you basically will be able to receive your private college loan proceeds quicker.

The private student loan is actually approved based on your credit report or history. You will not be required to go through the trouble of the difficult FAFSA financial loan qualification processes. This means less work done and time consumed.

A private college loan is usually an unsecured student loan, which means no collateral is usually required. Most private student loans are also accepted in most colleges and universities, so you will not suffer the hassle of having to know which loan program you college accepts or belongs to.

Therefore, when your government financial loan is not able to meet your college needs, a private student loan that is appropriate to our specific needs is always available. Most of these private student loans offer competitive rates and flexible repayment. Indeed the private college loan is a great alternative loan to government loans.

Students Go For Private College Loan

Every American family has lots of financial responsibilities and commitments and additional responsibility of putting your child throughout his college might just be so much to bear if the family has no sufficient savings or disposable form of income. Still, it can be said that there are many other available sources of financial aid, like a private college loan perhaps. We will go through this loan, also known as the private student loan, shortly.

Financial aid and support can be hand in many kinds you can imagine. But the most known is the unsubsidized federal or government student loans. Such loans are given or offered by the government for students with the desire to pursue their college education but are having a difficult time to achieve it because of the lack of financial aid. Financial support from the government is one of the most popular means of getting aid for your college education. However, it is not always that federal loans will cover all of the financial requirements that go with your college.

Going for Private College Loan

Here is where the private college loan comes in. The aid from private student loan programs has been experiencing the most important growth over the recent years and accounts for billions in dollars of aid to be used to finance education.

The private college loan programs available are split to private student loans involving the students themselves and those loans applied for by the parents. Anyway, such private college loan programs can be obtained from the commercial banks and other funding institutions. Private student loans to be applied by the parents can be obtained by drawing down equity from the property. Such funds can be utilized for paying the existing college expenses and fees.

Private College Loan: Many Sources Available

Albeit many college students who need a loan or financial aid for their college education seek them through federal or government student loans, it is definitely helpful that students should consider private college loan sources as well. While a government loan usually has a much lower rate of interest because such rate is really subsidized and the college loan is government-guaranteed, the process of applying for such loan can be burdensome and requires more qualifications. A private student loan is ideally used to supplement the government student loans that you already have, especially if the government student loans that you acquired were not able to meet fully the cost of your education.

A private college loan can act as a supplement or reasonable financial filler to the federal loans that you are having. There are many private student loan programs that are available from commercial banks, financial and money institution and even credit unions.
The a private college loan, the ability of a college student to borrow is not determined by his financial, but mainly by your and your co-makers or signers' capacity to pay back the private student loan.

When you are in the process of applying for a private college loan, the whole thing may be over within an hour of processing. Alternative or private college loan get funding from private institutions, so they are not subjected to government rules and guidelines. The loan borrowed can be utilized to cover all college costs such as tuition fees and related expenses.

Private College Loan - Really Big Help in College

A private college loan is a big help in financing college education expenses. Also known as private student loan, it is a credit-based loan which can be utilized for all types of college financial requirements such as tuition fee, board and lodging, books and other school supplies, and transportation expenses.

Of course, basic requirements for a private college loan are the following; you must be a United States citizen or at least a permanent resident. You likewise should have significant college expenses. If you are able to fulfill these requirements then you can apply for a private student loan between $15,000.00 and $300,000. The private college loan process would take around three days and is dependent on the accuracy of the information you filled out on the form. The amount of private college loan is determined by the total cost of your college minus the existing loans you already obtained. The resulting amount will be the private student loan that you may borrow from the lender.

You might be surprised to learn that you may defer payment of your private student loan until you are able to graduate. Actually the terms and duration of repayment vary from one lender to another, so it is wise that before choosing a lender, you really study first which term is the best for you.

Private college loans for parents include US governments PLUS scheme i.e. parent loans for an undergraduate student. This scheme offers parents an affordable means for supporting their child through college. It is also a way of consolidating student debt that has already built up. Private companies are also offering private college loans for parents. But the rate of interest is higher than government PLUS scheme

The Flexible Private College Loan

A private college loan or an alternative loan that is funded and financed by banks and other non profit groups and organizations is another great source of financial aid for college students.

But a private student loan is really very important because of their relative availability to many students as well as the ease and flexibility in its repayment.

The private college loan as compared the federal financial loan is more available. The government it seems has not worked hard on making more sufficient appropriations for government financial aid to be able to keep up with the inflation and rising tuition expenses and costs. The private student loan programs are the complimentary loans that fill the gap between the cost and expenses of college education and federal financial aid.

It is a fact the private college loan is more flexible when it comes to meeting payment deadlines or needing and receiving the private student loan at the most unexpected time. A private student loan offers the college student the flexibility of repayment. Likewise, if you need money for tuition fees before the college semester begins, a private college loan can be made available in just a few business days after the student have submitted his application.